Re-roofing with EME can transform your home and immediately add to the value of the property.

Re-roofing a home can be a daunting and disruptive experience. With our extensive experience and expertise we will be there to guide you closely every step of the way. Our speed and workmanship means that there will be minimal disruption to your living. And by using quality roofing materials, we will deliver the best re-roofing solutions to suit your budget and give you peace of mind.

Want to see what a re-roof looks like and experiment with different styles?

INstall process

Construction usually takes around 1-2 days to get a concrete or terracotta tile roof installed. This all depends on how big your roof is and a number of other factors.

  1. 1. Install Safety Rail
  2. 2. Remove old tiles
  3. 3. Inspect Roof
  4. 4. Install Sarking
  5. 5. Install New Battens
  6. 6. Load up New Tiles
  7. 7. Start Laying the Tiles
  8. 8. Pointing
  9. 9. Finish

OF A Re-Roof

There are a few factors that will determine the cost of having a roof installed.

•   What roofing material is being used
•   The size of the roof
•   Sarking
•   The pitch of the roof (it’s steepness)
•   Any special requirements

For most re-roof projects these five factors will largely determine the size of the quote and the time it will take to get the job done.