Roof Accessories

EME Roofing are the experts in roofing. We know roofs, fascias & guttering. So whether you’re looking for gutter and or fascia repairs, or a full replacement with our premium gutter options including leaf guard which will protect your gutter from getting blocked, we have the solution for you.

Fascia, gutters, downpipes and flashings are not only crucial to a structure’s weather resistance, but also in delivering the final touches to your project. With EME’s range of rainwater goods, you have the best of both worlds in products that are not only designed for exceptional performance, but also to deliver exceptional aesthetics.

Fascia & Gutter

We offer supply and fix of fascia and guttering with a variety of styles and colours available to suit your designs.



LEaf Guards

EME can supply and fix leaf guards which will protect your gutter from getting blocked.

Safety railing

Safety railing is available to ensure installations exceed the Australian Building Standards.

Roof Sarking

You want a home environment where you and your loved ones can thrive. When building your dream home or re-roofing it is important to consider features such as sarking tocreate a healthy, comfortable, and efficient home for today and into the future.

  • + Improves thermal performance by reducing heat transfer through the roof space
  • + Provides an extra layer of weather protection from wind driven rain
  • + Acts as a protective second skin to limit dust and particle entry into the home




Whatever your roof type, having effective and adequate ventilation is crucial. It keeps your roof space cool and dry, ensuring your insulation performs at its best for the life of your home. There is a range on natural wind driven vents, powered vents & solar powered vents.

Power Driven Vents- Bradford AiromaticTM:

  • + Just one smart ventilator does the work of approx. 6 natural vents
  • + Air iQ technology detects heat and humidity and adjusts to remove it from the roof space
  • + Assists in keeping the roof space cool and dry, so insulation can work effectively

Rainwater goods

Why choose LYSAGHT® rainwater goods manufactured from COLORBOND® steel?

  • + Wide range of profiles and colours available
  • + Strong and durable
  • + Extensively performance-tested to comply with Australian building codes.

The advanced paint technology of genuine COLORBOND® steel provides a durable, baked-on paint finish which resists peeling, chipping and cracking.

Having the downpipes installed in the correct local is critical for managing waterflow off the roof, minimising the pooling of water on your roof which drastically reduces leaks. EME Roofing can provide expert advice along with expert installation.